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Ten Million Lights

by Ten Million Lights

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Fast Asleep 06:26
Fast Asleep Here we are. The world is at our feet. Face your fear. Fall head first. Feel so safe in your arms. Fast asleep. Wake with you dreaming dreams of escape. Here we are. The world is at our feet. Hard to say. The words just get in the way Here to stay. Won't let it get in the way. Got your love, so hold on tight. Yeah So much love to give alright yeah Transparency, Bare my soul, Your love makes me invincible. Unusual, and beautiful, Promise to take care of your heart. I hold your heart, between your breasts. Melting in this tenderness. Give your love away We are. The world is at our feet. Here we are, the world is at our feet. Hard to say. The words just get in the way Here to stay. Won't let it get in the way. Give your love away. Get your head up yeah. Come on. Got your girl. Feel the love around. Hang on. Got your soul. Get your hands up yeah. So come on. Got your love, Spread it all around. So come on.
Kill Yr Idols Ninety three degrees Bringing you to your knees Gonna get burned Gonna take your turn What I don't understand Such a sinister plan Your head's in the sand She's gonna bury you man Your man Your man You gotta do what you can Dancing around Starts fires Gotta take what you can I'm gonna be your man I'm gonna be your lover She'll have me eating out of her hand She licks her lips Starts fires You had her right in your hand Disappearing sand Falling out of your hands She's slipping out of your hands If I'd have known now what I knew right then I Wouldn't change anything In a frenzied fix We're feeding on her Can I be in your band I'll play your tambourine I'll be your lover And there's no one to blame She's gonna kill her idols Kill again Searched the seven seas Till I'd found what I need I didn't drown Tied my feet to the ground Now while this wasn't planned Isn't life always grand Shakin' our hips To the beat of eclipse Your lips Eclipse Gotta do what you can Gonna do it again Got your teenage lover Right in your hand You gotta do it again You got your teenage lover I'm your biggest fan You gotta do what you can When you're a teenage lover In the palm of your hand Your gonna kill your fans When you're a teenage lover She'll have you eating out of your hand She's gonna kill her man She's my teenage lover In the back of your van She's gonna do you dead She's your teenage lover Starts fires
Slow Seas 01:55
Everything says I love you.
On A Holiday 02:39
On A Holiday Come with me lets explore the other on a holiday Don't know if I'm gonna be another on this holiday Still in search of never ending summer on a holiday Come lets play for hours under covers on this holiday Hey I'm gonna finally go and win a million I'm heading your way we're gone today Don't know what were gonna rediscover on a holiday I know this I'm gonna find my brother on this holiday Hey I'm gonna finally go and win a million I'm heading your way we're gone today
If I go away from you. If I go away from you. It's not my fault you couldn't find my endless supply of love inside Seconds is all when we've had it all. This time its all we have. Now its gone. If I go, Take it slow. If I go away from you. Don't get me wrong Now that you're gone I'm feeling so strong inside Only to find Desire subsides Pulling the tides inside You couldn't hide Yourself inside. Don't try to be strong this time I couldn't hide my sinister side. Feeding the fire tonight If I go, Take it slow. If I go away from you. Now its gone.
Still Point 04:01
Still Point When Karen said you complete me then I knew. The Sufi said “You're free to be under arc of my sickle,” and suddenly I knew. Alchemy of transformation turning all that is profane sacred again. Turning to make me bright. Nothing will squelch this Were turning to the sea get lost in the drowning. Wander regions of sleeplessness “Whirling around the still-point of ecstasy.” Turning to the ear whisper magic words. Squeezed so tightly, I'm inhaling words without breath, exhaling love without words. In the arms of love, Finding souls that breathe, under the sickle. burning to turn to bright. burning turn brighter burning to turn to bright burning brighter burning to turn to bright
Throwing Spells If I go I know the sun will rise it won't upset you whip will be the one to blame if I go alone to be the one misunderstood you would you let it all away and If I throw a spell to Satan's luck will fall unlock you you won't do it all again and if I go another way to want the one who wants you would you want me anyway to throw it all away coming down to show the fire of love Its finally got you will you make a show hang it low blow it all away when I've had enough you try to fight tonight excites you won't you make it go away blow it all away if I go explore you swear to God it wont upset you you won't fool with razor blades If I grow enough to be the one you want I wonder will you want it at all that way If I'd known enough to say I'm more than mad about you this will go up all in flames if you know another way to find won't let it haunt you we'd be better off that way to throw it all away coming down to show the fire of lust its finally caught you watch you melt the snow let it go pour it down the drain when we've had enough Friday night won't quite excite you but we won't mind it all that way blow it all away It just goes to show your quite divine my white obsession when it comes to blows come on lets go throwing down the pain never had enough fire of love its all consuming you won't let it get away we make a getaway
Your scent is on my sweatshirt As you make me wait. I'm standing in my window looking up at yours. My coffee warms my hands. The rain outside splatters so high it hits my windowsill and sputters as it slides. I love the longing and the waiting and the way you come to find me as I sleep. You find me as I sleep.


Ten Million Lights serves up pounding waves of electronic dream pop.
Ryan Carroll and Emily Logan share vocal duties while guitarist Eric
Block crafts the bed of sound beneath, together transcending their britpop
influences with a finely-tuned sound and vibe that are unmistakably

Carroll and Block are veterans of the acclaimed group Saturna, whose
rise to blogosphere buzz peaked in 2008 when the legendary Bob Mould
hand-picked the band to support him up the West Coast. Logan is a
recent transplant to the Pacific NW, relocating from San Francisco
after a successful run as a solo artist and news editor of the
influential music blog The Bay Bridged. A chance musical encounter led
Logan to Ten Million Lights, and her arrival fueled the fledgling trio
to take bigger and faster steps toward its launch.


released October 12, 2010

Ryan Carroll - vocals, guitars
Eric Block - guitars, programming
Emily Logan - vocals, guitars

Produced and Mixed by Block and Carroll
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering


all rights reserved



Ten Million Lights Portland, Oregon

Ten Million Lights are a psych/post-punk/shoegaze band from Portland, OR.


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